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Company Profile

Company Profile :

Chin Tairy Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Yu Cheng Power Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of power supply installations, moreover, with about 20 years' professional technology experience, mainly supplies professional facilities such as automatic voltage regulator, various transformers and UPS, etc… , and has been certified by ISO-9001 and CE.

With the manufacturing experience of so many years, to provide high quality products and full after sales service has always been the goal of Chin Tairy / Yu Cheng, in addition to being aggressively dedicating to development and design, also constantly introduce into new technologies and parts from Europe, USA and Japan in order to enhance technology dimension. Chin Tairy / Yu Cheng looks forward to become a company capable of performing self research and development, mass production, and marketing systematically, which is applied as success benchmarking , thus to contribute on promoting our domestic economy.


Business Items:

(1) Automatic & On-machine Type & Industry 4.0 Voltage Stabilizer

(2) Dry & Oil Type Induction Voltage Stabilizer(For whole factory)

(3) Fully Electronic & Magnetically Saturation & Resonant Voltage Stabilizer

(4) Dry & Oil Type Auto Transformer

(5) Dry & Oil Type Isolation Transformer

(6) Various Transformers

(7) U.P.S - Uninterruptible Power Supply

(8) Variable Frequency Power Supply

(9) Electric Reactor

(10) Cloud Power Monitoring

(11) Oil Mist Collector with Air Cleaner

(12) Cutting Fluid Purifier

(13) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Outstanding R&D Capabilities:

Constantly pursuing higher technology levels has been CTM unwavering policy since the company was established. Over the years, CTM has spent considerable capital and efforts in product research, development and improvement. In addition, we also apply sophisticated instruments for design assistance, ensuing high accuracy for our design. The transformer and stabilizer construction, working principle and manufacturing standards, our expertise team conducts thorough research and analysis. Or dedication to R&D enables CTM products to fully meet TAIWAN POWER COMPANY standards and customers' recognition.


CTM Iinsists On Perfect Quality: 

Over the years, CTM products have been fully satisfactory to all customers, both domestic and overseas. One of the reasons for such a reputation is that we have set up a complete quality control system that allows us to control quality at every stage throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our quality control system includes: incoming inspection, on-process inspection, finished product inspection and before shipment inspection. Additionally, our products are also certified by several authorities. Our objective is to ensure each product will achieve the best possible quality condition.


Service Branches:

We have many service branches such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand in order to considerate of maintenance machine. We not only sell machines, but sell CONFIDENT! We ensure high quality and reasonable price of our products.


CE Certification:


ISO 9001 Certification