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Induction Voltage Regulator (Three-phase Series)

Induction Voltage Regulator (Three-phase Series)

A. Strong, Durable & Long Time Usage
Interior consists of induction voltage regulator IVR with  brushless type components, so none damage caused even long term usage.
B. Stable Output Voltage
Control board precise logic circuit & components, always supplies stable voltage.
C. Protection
Besides strong/ durable & precise output voltage, following functions are also equipped:
     (1) Current limit & circuit  protection
     (2) Loss phase & reversing protection
     (3) Output over voltage & low voltage protection
     (4) Over temperature protection    
D. Top Quality
Made of Taiwan Steel H10 high magnet flux silicon stainless sheet, get down no load loss/ load loss/ no load current loss to the minimum, so stabilizer can operate well and get down power loss to the least.
E. Wide Applications
Stable output without noise, suitable to all equipments such as  full plant stabilizer, CNC machinery, SMT machinery, medical equipment and precise instruments etc.
F. Easy Maintenance
Subjects to module design and components in standardization, easy maintenance. Also due none-contact parts are used in the stabilizer, so only need to keep its interior clean, none special maintenance is requested.
G. Induction Type
It is the only one which can meet with customers' demand for large  capacity single AVR (10,000 KVA up).



♦ 100KVA-30000KVA

1. Induction type, contactless and one-section adjustment and long durability

2. High capacity, suit for large power and high voltage

3. Low zero-load current, high efficiency and no waveform distortion

4. Having function of alarming in condition of surge voltage, over-low voltage, over    load, out of gas and phase failure



♦ Feature

1. Efficiency: Over 99.2%
2. Temperature Up:≦50℃
3. Made of high magnet flux silicon stinless sheet, get down no load loss/load loss/no load current loss to the minimum, so stabilizer can operate well and get down power loss to the least

4. Total waveform distortion: <1%

5. Three phase abnormal indicator

6. Panel indication: input voltage, output voltage, load current displayed by LED.

7. Stable Output Voltage: control board w/precise logic circuit & components, ensure supplies exact output voltage.

8. Strong and durable: Interior consists of induction voltage regulator, it with brushless type components, so none damage caused even long term usage.

9. When 1. Input over high/low voltage / 2.loss phase & reversing phase / 3.current limit & circuit
(Warning by buzzer and displayed by LED)

10. Noise : <60db, Temperature: -20℃~45℃, Humidity: 0~95%

11. High reliability: Strict QC before ex factory, to make sure quality. Our company product’s quality, structure and temperature all better than the horizontal standard. 

12. Interior winding use of well resistant- H class internal material, get down whole machine damage, and low temperature, also save electricity.

13. Interior main spindle material use of none-magnetic conductibility and stainless steel,
avoid of main spindle vortex loss, reduce magnetic hysteresis loss and add to durable years.

14. Interior insulation material use of well resistant & high safety -H class insulation material.

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