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During recent years, more and more industries moved out, especially to Southeast Asia and China mostly for investments and plant establishments, however, because the electricity of those areas are not yet well developed, electricity power supplies are quite unstable there, often cause computer machinery or facility controller damage, upon serious cases, would even increase maintenance cost in vain. Together with downtime losses, the cost would be very tremendous, and must not be ignored! Especially, in newly developing countries such as India, Turkey and Russia, under their blooming development during recent years, their electricity power supplies are very unstable, and thus are in more needs of the assistance of voltage regulator, these all will be our significant targets to work on with efforts.

Currently, we have service sites in Kuanshan, Shenzhen ,Vietnam and Thailand, persist to provide our customers with high quality products and after sales services, in the future our research and development goal will be to provide a variety of products at lower cost, progressively exploit sales and distribution channels, and base on Asia to walk forwards internationalization.